Updated itinerary

I updated the itinerary today and added estimated travel times to the schedule. I reduced the number of days in Havana to allow more time traveling outside the city. When I made the trip this summer, parts of it seemed too rushed. I found myself wanting to spend more time in Viñales, Trinidad, the Bay of Pigs and Topes de Collantes. So I adjusted the schedule to reflect that.

It’s agonizing because 13 days in Cuba goes by so fast, especially when you spend the first and last days getting in and out of the country. You are left to decide how to spend 11 full days on one of the most fascinating islands on earth – and there’s never enough time to do and see everything. But we’ll certainly have a full and enriching schedule.

I also updated the map so students can get a better idea where they’ll be traveling.

New Cuba photos and videos

Over the past few days, I’ve been adding new photos and videos to the website. I shot the material earlier this summer when I traveled to Cuba to research our summer 2017 trip.

I did a dry run of the 2017 trip and looked for ways to improve it and make it as interesting as possible. I also wanted to try to find ways to get off the beaten path so that we won’t spend all our time bumping into tourists.

In the coming days, I plan to make some adjustments to the itinerary based on what I learned in June. I’ll post an update here once I do that.